CALL FOR PAPERS: Sharing stories and perspectives at the 2018 conference.

Each year, contributions come from a huge variety of people and groups, from local campaigns, front-line workers, academics and students, to individuals with stories to tell. Our conference aims to be as inclusive as possible, and the audience is always keen to engage and learn. What is happening where you are? Share it with us. Download and share the attached poster.


We particularly encourage workshops, presentations and papers on the following more specific themes and topics:

-Anti-racist social work practice

-Defeating the policies of austerity

-Right Wing populism, moral panics and social work in the “posttruth” era

-Interplay between Relationship Based and Radical Social Work

-International Social Work and Social Movements

-User-led groups and community campaigns

-Working with asylum seekers and refugees

….and other subject areas relevant to the main conference themes.

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